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  • Egendata is an initiative run and funded by JobTech (a part of The Swedish Public Employment Service) in collaboration with Iteam.



    JobTech (job technology) is a collective term for technical innovation in the labour market sector. JobTech is characterized by collaboration between several actors in the labour market arena. The sharing of common resources such as data provides better prerequisites to create and offer better end services.

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    We are aiming for better matching by creating easier development. JobTech dev does it by providing an open source infrastructure, APIs and open data for the creations of different job market applications.

    JobTech dev is currently investing in four strategic areas to build a minimal valuable infrastructure.

    It is open, everyone can join, and when you contribute you get influence.

    ✓ Open source ✓ Open data ✓ Collaboration



    Iteam is a digital services agency who combines Strategy, Code and Culture to develop our clients business and services. We're not just building apps, but rather working with your whole organization to produce real change. We are your partner in making your company truly digital.

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    We have been working with digital innovation for over 20 years. We know the value of technical skills, strategical understanding and nourishing joy and excitement for technological advancements. But it is not until people with varying special skills and diverse backgrounds work together in tightly knitted teams that real innovation can occur. That's why our clients are an integral part of the team, working along a shared vision and towards a common goal.