• Try it out!

  • In order to try out the Egendata service, the first thing you need is the app. It is available for iOS and Android:

    google-play-badge app-store-badge

    Install the app and register

    The name is not actually used and will be soon be removed but feel free to enter any name and then click Registrera


    Choose your PDS

    All your data will be stored in a PDS of your choosing. During the development phase we offer just one proper choice – Dropbox*.

    Since the Dropbox route requires a few steps, we also added a Developer option of In memory storage. This means that when the service is restarted, all data will be lost. Thus this is only for testing the workflow.


    Use the CV example site

    Go to https://cv-test.dev.services.jtech.se/ and click Login with Egendata

    Click the QR code icon in the Egendata App and scan the code.


    If this is your first visit, the app will prompt you for permission to read and write information.

    For the purposes of testing the service, it is strongly suggested you approve (Tillåt)

    You should now get automagically logged in the CV example site.

    Play around

    Suggested activities are:

    • Edit some information on the example site. Log out. Log in again. Marvel as the information is still present.
    • Log in from another computer (hint it works from there too).
    • Open your Dropbox (assuming you chose this as your PDS), look in Apps and browse through the MyData-PDS-dev folder to see how the data is stored.

    * There are two reasons for this:

    1. The architecture of Egendata ensures that your data is safe because of encryption. It may be stored anywhere without restrictions (Hello Cloud Act!).
    2. Dropbox let's you view how the data is stored.

    As we near production, we will implement more adequate storage options in terms of speed and uptime guarantees.